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Welcome to Come Let Us Reason Together, the podcast from Lenny Esposito and Come Reason Ministries. Here, we dig deeply into ways Christianity shows itself as an intelligent and rational faith. Episodes include topics about faith, ethics, worldview, and philosophy from a distinctly Christian perspective. Join us each week and see just how rational faith can be!

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Debunking "Bible Secrets" Television Shows (Part 3)

Debunking "Bible Secrets" Television Shows (Part 3) 

YouTube, as well as cable channels like The History Channel or Discovery love to hype programs where they air supposed secret findings about the Bible. Even PBS produced "The Bible's Buried Secrets" – the latest in a list of documentaries that tries to undermine the Bible's credibility. How should we understand these shows and what are we to o with the charges from some very significant scholars? In this series, Lenny shows some of the tricks the producers use to make fringe possibilities seem definite and  exposes how these shows truly present an emperor who has no clothes.

Part 3 of 4

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