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Welcome to Come Let Us Reason Together, the podcast from Lenny Esposito and Come Reason Ministries. Here, we dig deeply into ways Christianity shows itself as an intelligent and rational faith. Episodes include topics about faith, ethics, worldview, and philosophy from a distinctly Christian perspective. Join us each week and see just how rational faith can be!

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Pope Francis vs Augustine: Are People "Fundamentally Good"?

Pope Francis vs Augustine: Are People "Fundamentally Good"?

In a recent 60 Minutes television interview, Pope Francis made the claim that people are "fundamentally good in heart." Such a statement by the head of the Roman Catholic church seems to directly contradict Catholic theology, going all the way back to Saint Augustine! Is the pope renouncing the doctrine of original sin? What about human nature and human depravity? Is the pope even Catholic? In this podcast, I'm joined by Reasons to Believe scholar Ken Samples as we contrast Catholic and Protestant theology and help unravel Francis's cryptic comments.

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