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Welcome to Come Let Us Reason Together, the podcast from Lenny Esposito and Come Reason Ministries. Here, we dig deeply into ways Christianity shows itself as an intelligent and rational faith. Episodes include topics about faith, ethics, worldview, and philosophy from a distinctly Christian perspective. Join us each week and see just how rational faith can be!

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Monday, March 11, 2024

Does HeGetsUs Really Get Jesus Right

Does #HeGetsUS Really Get Jesus Right?

How do you reach a culture that thinks Christianity is not only unnecessary, but evil? The #HeGetsUs commercials made a huge splash during the Superbowl, but were they effective? And did they properly communicate the gospel message? Here Lenny, along with Dr. Harry Edwards and Dr. Jacob Daniel, discuss the pluses and the problems of the #HeGetsUS effort and offers a balanced, thoughtful view, shedding more light to a topic that has generated quite a bit of heat, both inside and outside the church.

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