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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christian History Series #2: Are We Living in the Matrix? (Part 5)

Christian History Series #2: Are We Living in the Matrix? (Part 5)

As Christianity gained more and more adherents in the second and third centuries, another threat rose against it. This time, instead of persecuting from without, new cults sprang up threatening to corrupt it from within. The most prevalent of these were the various forms of Gnosticism, each of which denied the reality of the physical world and held up the spiritual as a higher level of being. In this session, Lenny will discuss the tenets of Gnosticism and show why the early church held that God is God of the material world—including our bodies and our biology—as well as the spiritual!

About the Hidden Riches of Christian History Series

The Hidden Riches of Christian History lecture series takes you on a journey of exploration from the Resurrection to the Reformation. Along the way, we will hear remarkable stories and discover incredible insights into some of the most significant people and events that helped shape our faith into the world-transforming force it is today.

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